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Why We Bake It Happen!

There is no cure for Stage 4 Breast Cancer (MBC).


More than 40,000 people die each year from MBC in the US alone. Very little of the funding (<4%) for breast cancer research actually goes to metastatic breast cancer research.  We were determined to design a creative fundraising campaign to raise money for research. Judy, our mother, was a beloved baker/cook even throughout her 6-year battle with MBC.  Her kitchen was a communal table for family, friends and even strangers to embrace the tastes and love emanating from her dishes. After receiving multiple requests for Judy’s recipes over decades, we realized we could continue to spread Judy’s culinary love  -- all in the name of metastatic breast cancer research-- through Bake it Happen.


Thanks to nationwide support and the help of our beneficiary, The Cancer Couch Foundation, we have raised over $350,000 exclusively for metastatic breast cancer research. We won't stop raising money until there is a CURE!

We hope for our 2023 campaign you can DONATE to make it the best year yet!!

Why The Cancer Couch Foundation


The inimitable, Dr. Rebecca Timlin Scalera, founder of The Cancer Couch Foundation, passed away on December 14, 2019 after a courageous 4-year battle with Metastatic Breast Cancer. The 2023 campaign is dedicated to Rebecca.


In less than 4 years since her diagnosis, Rebecca was able to raise over $3M for MBC research—all of which had been done while Rebecca herself went through 11 surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation and many ongoing experimental trial medications in her own metastatic breast cancer battle. Rebecca believed that "everyone deserves a chance to live" and she was beyond determined to help fund a cure for MBC.


The Cancer Couch Foundation is volunteer run and privately funded. 100% of the money raised by TCCF goes directly to fund metastatic breast cancer research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and The Dana Farber Cancer Center.  And it is MATCHED


We will continue to support The Cancer Couch Foundation in its allied mission to accelerate treatment, and someday find a cure, for metastatic breast cancer. 

Judy Levine Bake It Happen

Judith Block Levin

October  7, 1942 - October 22, 2008


Rebecca Timlin Scalera

August 20, 1972 - December 14, 2019

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